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The purpose of the Sausalito Youth Sailing Foundation is to support all charitable activities, including education of on-the-water boating activities, safety, and ameteur competition. The selection of scholarship recipients and operation of the Foundation shall be the responsibility of the entire board.

Article I, Section 1 of our bylaws



The Original Articles of Incorporation for the Sausalito Youth Sailing Foundation (SYSF) were executed on November 13, 1996 by founders Chuck Mellor, Sandra Bushmaker, Paula Fancher, Peggy Plumley and Peter English.

The founders wanted to provide funding for the Sail Training of local youth by raising money through tax deductible donations in a 501 ( C ) 3 Charitable Foundation.  This successful effort has afforded the Sausalito Yacht Club Youth Sailing Program with new equipment and sail training scholarships for deserving children.  The mission has grown to help preserve Sausalito’s maritime sailing tradition in support of similar youth programs such as the Cass Gidley Marina, the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center, and the Tamalpais High School Sailing Team.  The Board of SYSF continues to review many grant requests from various programs and to provide funding for worthy youth sail related activities each year.

Over the years many dedicated SYSF volunteer Board Members and other volunteers have worked hard to raise new funds.  They have collected donations for the Opening Day Silent Auction, Anderson’s Boat Yard Marine Flea Market, the Caledonia Street Fair, and High School fundraisers.  Many more volunteers have served food at the Sausalito Art Festival. These have been the primary funding sources in addition to outright donations from the public.

Many thanks are owed to those who gave so much

Sandra Bushmaker • Paula Fancher • Check Mellor • Peggy Plumley • Jim Plumley • Sam Hock • Peter English • Ron Anderson • Peter Schoen • Carl Robinette • Elaine Robinette • Bob Rogers • Jock Rystrom • Don Beaton • Randy Grenier • Patti Bott

These dedicated volunteers have done the planning, set-up, serving and clean up for all of the fundraising events. The fundraising has allowed dozens of scholarships to worthy participants, 4 chase boats, 15 Lasers and 12 Optimist trainers and their maintenance for 13 years. The Program itself covers most of the cost of instructors and supplies.


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